Tool Maintenance

Pneumatic tools maintenance

    In order to prolong the service life of pneumatic tools, better play its performance, our company worked pneumatic tools maintenance program points level, secondary, tertiary maintenance. The frist maintenance refers to customers in the process of using self maintenance, Second maintenance means that customer products will be shipped company stationed in local pit, by mechanical engineer for the maintenance, Third maintenance refers to second maintenance cannot complete the products sent to a company, by a professional engineer for diagnosis, testing and disputes preventive measures.

Frist  maintenance

1, shift work before need to check the trachea joints airtight, must be to change if have any question  in time.

2, intending end work needs to work from the air pipe plucked (wind can rotate open arms note oil screw note oil), press machines to add 3-5 cs into head j C pneumatic for oil, then JieQi low-speed pneumatic, screw 3-4 seconds for motor set of sufficient lubrication.

3  if long before needing seven - 8C. J C pneumatic tools for oil, low starting rotation 3-4 minutes for motor sufficient lubrication.

4, intending end work should be made to the tool is easy to loose parts inspection, promptly to loose parts were strong.

5,  The front cover and impacts rack residual butter must be clean every half month, daub appropriate butter, and lock the front cover, JieQi low-speed starting 20-30 seconds, let whole impact frame group butter lubrication and check impact parts wear.

6, Air compressor every two days to put a water.

7  The air tools must be keep clean in the maintenance process , presenting impurities inside, cleave into tools at component causing wear, reduce product service life.

Second maintenance

1, to send back to product first visually check if there is no lack, such as lack of parts according to product testing work instructions for testing and fill in the test report.

2, according to the test result insufficient for performance point troubleshooting, such as follow change wear parts, maintenance failure parts, clean all parts, lubrication Martha group, lubrication impact frame etc.

3, products repaired also in accordance with the product's test work instruction detection, will meet the footbridge products and tool parts replaced under returns clients, and attach service reports.

4, will repair bad or problem more products returned to the company a three-tier maintenance, and enclose a preliminary repair data.

Third maintenance

1, Second maintenance can't complete product to product engineer, the product engineer check preliminary maintenance material, using company equipment within the facility resources and investigate the cause, completes the anomaly reports.

2, research against the good results corrective and preventive actions drag sheet, within the company network published and monitoring departments specific implementation rules, eliminate such things to happen again.

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